Welcome to Xpress Plastics

Xpress plastics was founded in 1983 and with over 30 years experience we are able to offer a competent approach to all aspects of injection moulding, so whatever industry you are in, we can produce something that will exceed your expectations.

Our knowledge and capabilities with insert, over-moulding and thread forming, are helping our customers achieve engineered technical components to the highest standards.

We are happy to provide our extensive engineering expertise and knowledge when designing a product from a concept to completion, whether from your existing tooling or manufacturing the required new tooling.

The range of materials we use in our process is extensive.
This is a sample of the more popular types:

– ABS inc Flame Retardant
– Acetal
– Acrylic
– General purpose Polystyrene
– High Impact Polystyrene
– High Density Polyethylene
– Low Density Polyethylene
– Nylon 6 Unfilled and Glass-Filled
– Nylon 66 unfilled and Glass-Filled
– Polycarbonate
– Polypropylene

We can manufacture your components in any bespoke colour if required, .

We manufacture components for:

– Automotive
– Aerospace
– Construction
– Electrical Electronics
– Engineering
– Food
– Healthcare
– Oil Gas Industries